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Fed. cert. Beautician Sonja Storto
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Sonja Storto is a federally certified cosmetician, laser specialist for high-tech medical devices and permanent makeup elite artist at Long-Time-Liner. Alongside Dr. Bettina Kerbler, she is the managing director of the AVORYA practice in Zollikon near Zurich.

Due to her many years of professional experience in cosmetics, she has extensive specialist knowledge, which enables her patients to receive treatments of the highest quality. As part of a well-coordinated team, Mrs. Storto supports Dr. Bettina Kerbler in anti-aging treatments such as injections with hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin (Botox®).

Mrs. Storto is an instructor for permanent makeup treatments and passes on her knowledge to numerous participants in advanced training courses and workshops.

Before joining AVORYA, she ran her own successful cosmetic studio and managed the cosmetics clinic at the University Hospital Zurich for 15 years.

Mrs. Storto has lots of expertise and skill in her profession. She is a specialist in laser treatments (e.g. hair epilation, anti-aging & wrinkle treatments, melasma, hyperpigmentation, fat-away laser, wound healing promotion) and has extensive knowledge and experience in high-tech cosmetic treatments such as LaseMD.

Due to her intensive practical experience and closeness to people, Mrs. Storto knows exactly how important individual care is in order to respond to the personal needs and situations of each patient. In doing so, she always focuses on preserving the natural beauty.

Sonja Storto – Expert for Cosmetic Treatments

Beauty is my passion. My goal is to use my extensive expertise in cosmetics and laser treatments, as well as my decades of experience, to make your appearance shine while enhancing your natural beauty.

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