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Tattoo Removal
With PicoPlus and CO2 Laser.

Tattoo Removal via High-Tech Laser
Success in only a few Sittings.

Fading colors, blurry outlines, spelling mistakes or maybe a depiction you no longer like – many reasons can lead to a tattoo removal. Even though tattoos were a lifelong decision in early years, the removal of unwanted tattoos is no longer a problem due to the latest advances in laser technology. We can now remove almost any unwanted tattoo without leaving residuals.

The technology behind this has changed and evolved a lot in past years. By using the latest high-tech laser PicoPlus, we can now carry out a significantly gentler tattoo removal. On top of this, the treatment is a lot less time intensive. While former laser generations needed up to 14 treatments, we now have the ability to achieve the same result in only five to seven sessions.

Tattoo Removal

*Costs depend on the selected treatment and its extent. During your consultation, we will, of course, transparently explain you the arising expenses.
Treatment goal: Laser removal of tattoos that are no longer wanted.
Treatment duration: Depending on the extent of the treatment, 10-30 minutes.
Anesthesia: Beforehand, we apply a local anesthetic cream.
Presentable: You can go back to your daily routine immediately after the treatment.
Possible short-term consequences of the treatment: Slight swelling, redness or scabbing can appear.
Number of sessions: About 5-7 sessions at intervals of 4-6 weeks – how many appointments are necessary depends on the size and the color of the tattoo.
Costs: From CHF 250 up/session*.

Tattoo Removal using the latest Laser Technology

A tattoo consists of color pigments which are lodged under the skin. After tattooing, the skin will heal and conjoin with the pigments. Should a tattoo disappear, the color pigments must be removed from underneath the skin.

In our practice we apply the use of the high-tech laser PicoPlus to remove the tattoo. This laser will burst the pigments under the skin by high energy laser impulses in the picoseconds range. The particles will be transported off by the lymph liquid only weeks after the treatment. The treatment is gentle and safe for the surrounding tissue and compared to older laser models, the possibility of scar formation has reduced drastically.

In order to produce an even better result and to avoid scars, we, as one of the only practices, offer a combination treatment with the PicoPlus and CO2 lasers. The CO2 laser produces tiny channels in your skin, which will improve the pigment discard and reduce the chance of scaring.

Before tattoo removal
After tattoo removal with CO2 laser

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Tattoo Removal Process

If you are interested in having a tattoo removed, just arrange a consultation meeting with our dermatological practice in Zurich. You are welcome to send us a picture of your tattoo beforehand, in order to assess the approximate cost of the removal.

During your appointment, our dermatologist and expert for laser removal Dr. Bettina Kerbler will conduct a thorough interview, examine your tattoo, take you through possible treatments, the number of sessions and the cost of the removal.

If your then decide to go through with the removal, the sessions will be spaced in four-to-six-week increments. How many sessions will be necessary depends on such factors as size and color of the tattoo. The longer break in between session will give your skin enough time to heal and will not put too much stress on your immune system.

You will receive an anesthetic creme which we will ask you to apply at home before the individual sessions. An additional local anesthetic can be injected if you so desire. After only a few weeks, you will already start to notice first results of the treatment. Every following session will reduce visibility of your tattoo gradually until, in most cases, the tattoo has fully disappeared.

Noteworthy after the Laser Treatment

You should treat the skin area with wound gel or spay. This will support the skin’s healing process. In addition, the treated region should not be subjected to direct sunlight. Hence, you should apply ample amounts of sunscreen with a high sun block factor for sufficient protection. Furthermore, you should do without visits to saunas, tanning beds or swimming pools for at least three days.

We will of course be happy to answer any further questions which could arise, as well as providing tips and information for the entirety of your tattoo removal at our dermatological practice AVORYA.

Risks and Side Effects during the Tattoo Laser Treatment

Treatment methods which involve lasers are completely safe, if conducted by experienced doctors. Still, side effects may occur in the course of treatment. All risks and side effects of laser treatments will of course be explained in full detail before the removal commences. Reddening, scabs and swelling for example can occur on the treated area of skin. These symptoms will although disappear by themselves after only a few days. A color change may also be the result of the treatment. This will make black areas appear brown and, in some cases, create scabs. These will although also disappear after one to two weeks. Furthermore, hypo pigmentation or depigmentation of the treated area may also result as a consequence. This means that a light patch may remain where the tattoo was removed. In seldom cases, an allergic reaction to the implanted pigments may occur.

Safe & effective

With our medical laser treatments, we can remove unwanted tattoos gentle and low-risk, so you feel comfortable in your own skin again.

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