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Spider Veins Removal
For beautiful Legs.

Removal of Spider Veins
Effective Treatment for a prettier and harmonious Skin Appearance.

Unpleasant red- or blueish gleaming veins on legs: More than half of the population will be affected by so called spider veins throughout their lifetimes. Even if the mostly fan or net shaped veins hardly cause ailments, they can result in aesthetic problems for the affected.

Spider veins are a subcategory of varicose veins. They mostly appear on legs and especially on the outside of the thigh. Entire “nests“ can occur within a short period of time. Spider Veins can be hereditary or be a result of a congestion in the vein system. There is no permanent solution for vein weakness, although existing spider veins can be removed by treatment which will result in a significantly improved skin appearance.

Spider Veins Removal

*Costs depend on the selected treatment and its extent. During your consultation, we will, of course, transparently explain you the arising expenses.
Treatment goal: Eliminating spider veins with classic sclerotherapy or laser therapy.
Treatment duration: Depending on the extent of the treatment, 10-30 minutes.
Anesthesia: Not necessary.
Presentable: You can go back to your daily routine immediately after the treatment.
Possible short-term consequences of the treatment: Discoloration may occur, so we do a checkup after 14 days.
Number of sessions: Depending on the selected treatment method, 1-5 sessions.
Costs: From CHF 350 up/session*.

Treatment Options for Spider Veins

Are you also suffering from unpleasant red-blueish gleaming veins and are searching for a gentle and effective treatment? Not only do we offer the classic method of vein obliteration, at the dermatological practice AVORYA, we also offer a spider vein removal treatment via laser.

We inject liquid into the effected vein during the obliteration therapy in order to achieve the clogging of the vessels. During the laser treatment, using the Clarity Laser by Lutronic, light energy is used to seal the unpleasant vessels permanently. The skin appearance will oftentimes be visually improved after only one session.

If you are interested in a spider vein treatment, just arrange an appointment with our dermatologist Dr. med. Bettina Kerbler. We are looking forward to you.

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