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3D Skin Analysis
3D Images of the Face.

3D Skin Analysis
A Look into the Future of your Skin.

How will your skin develop over the next five years? What sounds like a look into a crystal ball becomes reality with our 3D skin analysis using the modern Visia Gen 7 imaging system from the renowned Canfield company.

A high-resolution 3D image of your face allows us to capture the texture of your skin in depth. With the help of innovative software, we can simulate the aging process and give you a preview of your skin’s appearance in five to seven years.

The comprehensive analysis of your skin enables us to provide you with even more targeted advice in our AVORYA beauty practice in Zurich. We can create an individually tailored treatment plan to counteract the aging process of your skin and maintain a younger, fresher appearance for as long as possible.

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Comprehensive Skin Analysis with Latest Technology

A comprehensive skin analysis is the basis for every high-quality facial treatment. On this basis, we can provide you with individual advice, show you treatment options and recommend treatments that have the best possible effects and lead to the desired success. Thanks to our innovative 3D skin analysis device Visia Gen 7, we can not only look at the surface of your skin for a comprehensive skin analysis, but also deep inside.

Using a high-resolution 3D camera, the device creates a 3D image of your face in no time at all, detecting UV damage, inflammation, scars, number of pores, skin lesions, blemishes, wrinkles or deposits, among other things – on and even under the skin. The data obtained can be used to determine your relative skin age with the aid of software, to determine the development of your skin appearance over the next few years and also to visualize it using a 3D preview.

Based on the examination results, we advise you on the correct cleansing and care of your skin and show you treatment concepts to keep your skin looking fresh for as long as possible.

Costs of a 3D Skin Analysis

The price of a comprehensive 3D skin analysis followed by a consultation is CHF 250.

The Future of your Skin

Take a look at the future of your skin’s appearance and let us give you comprehensive advice.

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