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Treatments with Hyaluronic Acid
Wrinkle Tightening & Facial Augmentation

Treatments with Hyaluronan
Opposing the Signs of Time - without Surgery.

Throughout the duration of our lives, we lose natural fat patting, bone tissue and deep skin moisture. The unfortunate results of this are wrinkles, unevenness of the skin surface or vessels gleaming through our skin (such as circles under the eyes). The unwanted changes still remain even after the use of expensive creams.

Others might already find themselves unconformable with their facial appearance in early years. They wish for fuller lips, a different shape of nose or an adjustment to facial asymmetry. For fear of the consequences, many affected people dread surgery.

Thanks to the latest aesthetic medicine, a surgical procedure is no longer necessary in most cases. The use of a specifically targeted hyaluronan filler injection enables us to balance unevenness or asymmetry, the filling of wrinkles or conceal gleaming vessels.

What hyaluronan is exactly, how it affects you and what you need to pay attention to during an injection is summed up in the article below.

Treatments with Hyaluronic Acid

*Costs depend on the selected treatment and its extent. During your consultation, we will, of course, transparently explain you the arising expenses.
Treatment goal: Compensating volume loss and smoothing wrinkles.
Treatment duration: Depending on the extent of the treatment, about 20-60 minutes.
Anesthesia: The filler includes a local anesthetic.
Presentable: You can go back to your daily routine immediately after the treatment.
Possible short-term consequences of the treatment: Slight swelling or a feeling of pressure, redness and small bruises may temporarily appear.
How long the result will last: Depending on the treatment area and the individual conditions, 6-24 months.
Costs: They depend on the used amount of hyaluronic acid and start at CHF 650* per milliliter.

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What is Hyaluronan?

Hyaluronan or hyaluronic acid is a sugar molecule, which is also exhibited by the body naturally. The old Greek word “Hyalos” means “Glass” and can be traced back to the human eyes vitreous body, where hyaluronan was first discovered.

It can also be found in the skin, the bones, the spinal discs as well as the joint fluid. Besides its use in aesthetic medicine, hyaluronan is also used in treating arthritis (joint abrasion).

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Hyaluronan Modes of Action

Hyaluronan refers to a glycosaminoglycan (polysaccharide), which due to its special structure can bind great amounts of water. This enables the stability and frictionless mechanics of joints and provides tension and elasticity to the skins tissue.

Due to the physiological aging process, the body loses hyaluronan, this can although be artificially replaced by specific medicinal preparations.

Hyaluronan Use in Aesthetic Medicine

The cosmetic medicine uses hyaluronic acid in ointments and syringes, which are used to rejuvenate the skin’s appearance. The ointments are suitable for removing slight wrinkles as well as a precautionary measure, whereas the syringes can be used for filler injection which counteract volume loss in the deeper skin layers. Hyaluronan fillers are commonly used for the following problem areas and treatments:

  • Rings under the eyes and tear ducts
  • Jawline Contouring
  • Adjustments to chin, lips and nose
  • Nasolabial folds (wrinkles between lips and nose)
  • Pleats (wrinkly folds around the mouth)
  • Cheek reconstruction after collapsed cheeks
  • Forehead wrinkles
  • Wrinkles on the back of hands
  • Liquid Facelift
  • Neck
  • Ears

A hyaluronan injection is suitable for any form of treatment which goal it is to counteract volume loss of skin in from of small shallow wrinkles and deeper wrinkles which are not directly caused by muscle contractions. Wrinkles caused by facial expressions (such as laughing or scowling) are much more efficiently removed by use of botulinum toxin (Botox®️). A combination of both active agents is commonly the most target-oriented treatment method.

Contraindication for a Hyaluronan Injection

Since hyaluronan is a known substance to the body and since the injection process uses fine hollow needles which is a low risk procedure, only few factors speak against a hyaluronan treatment. These include:

  • Acute Infections: Cough, head cold, bladder infection and other infections activate the immune system. This may cause the body to identify the filler as a foreign object and try to reject it.
  • Dental Hygiene: The removal of dental plaque may also stimulate the immune system. This means that your last professional dental cleaning should have occurred at least two weeks back.
  • Pregnancy and Nursing Period: Any medically unnecessary interventions should be delayed during a pregnancy or the following nursing period, even though no long-term side effects due to the use of hyaluronan have been proven so far.
  • Minor Patients: As long as the body is not fully grown, injections should be done without.
  • Chronic Illness: A risk reward assessment should be done by the attending physician. An active auto immune disease can cause the filler to be rejected by the body.

The perfect Person for the Treatment

The success of a hyaluronan injection is fully dependent on the person administering it. This is why you should be thoughtful in your choice of doctor.

Rigid restrictions concerning injections are in place in Switzerland. A hyaluronan filler is a medicinal product. The product may only be gathered and processed by doctors and by certified medical staff (such as nurses with additional certifications) or under the strict supervision of doctors, NOT by cosmetic artists.

The reason for this is that the treatments require special anatomical knowledge and experience, which is only possessed by specially trained and routine professionals. In addition, a doctor has the critical knowledge which enables him/her to step in in case of an emergency. Hyaluronan fillers can be dissolved by a special agent (hylase) which can also only be obtained by qualified medical doctors.

Still, many cosmetic studios offer hyaluronan injections. This is only permitted if the injection is administered by a doctor on site. Although numerous studios in Switzerland defy this rule by indicating a responsible doctor on paper, but administering the injections themselves without any professional supervision.

Due to negligence of many pharmaceutical wholesalers, these businesses are still receiving prescription hyaluronan even though they are not eligible.

The following should be paid attention to regarding the attending person:

  • The attending person should be a medical doctor, who is knowledgeable in the field of aesthetic medicine and administers hyaluronan injections frequently.
  • You should even raise following questions for doctors: Where was he/she schooled? Is he/she an instructor themselves and lectures other doctors? If yes, this is a good sign. Companies often seek assistance from tenured doctors to distribute their products.
  • A thorough consultation should take place before the first injection. A good doctor will take his/her time for you and your treatment plan. A filler injection should never be administrated in passing.
  • Also important, you should feel comfortable with your attending physician. Ensure that the chemistry matches and you feel cared for in a trustworthy and competent manner.

The Procedure of a Hyaluronan Injection

A consultation should commence before the treatment. During which your medical history will be discussed, your skin will be examined and a picture for further documentation will be taken. You will then be presented with different treatment options, depending on the complaints of your appearance and your wishes. Should a hyaluronan injection take place, your doctor will give a detailed explanation of the treatments procedure, the risks and side effects, as well as the probable results and the costs involved.

The first treatment day will begin by disinfection the area which is to be injected. An anesthetic is not necessary, since the hyaluronan filler contains a local anesthetic, so all you will feel is slight prick due to the needle and a small buildup of pressure due to the filler.

The time needed for the treatment depends on the extent of the procedure. Single areas (such as lips or cheeks) may only take 20-25 minutes, whereas the optimization of the entire face (full face treatment) may last 30-60 minutes.

The effect of the treatment will be visible instantly. On occasion the results might even perceived as too much, this although is completely normal and subsides. The hyaluronan will integrate into the surrounding tissue during the following days and create a homogeneous final result. We recommend a post treatment appointment after four weeks to observe and correct the result if necessary.

Risks and Side Effects of a Hyaluronan Injection

Just like any other medical treatment, a filler injection may result in slight side effects such as swelling, redness or small bruises.

Despite proper planning and communication between doctor and patient, the final results of the aesthetic treatment may not be to the liking of the patient. If you should find the result to be too harsh or weak, or should you just not like your new look, consult your doctor about further steps. More hyaluronan can be added easily if the results are not prominent enough. Should you be fully unsatisfied with the entire end result, a special agent (hylase) can be injected which neutralizes the hyaluronan competently.

It hardly ever happens, but theoretically may occur: The attending person pierces a vessel and injects the active agents directly into it. The consequence of his is a vessel occlusion, which will cause swelling, pain and skin discoloration and should be treated as fast as possible. After the injection, you will receive the mobile phone number of our dermatologist Dr. Kerbler, to whom you are asked to send a picture of the treated area the evening of and the day after the treatment. Should a vessel occlusion have resulted, she will be able to spot and resolve the symptoms immediately.

Long-term side effects have, after years of application, yet to be associated with hyaluronan fillers. Since it is a known substance to your body, you must not worry about side effects such as allergies.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hyaluronan Injections

Filler injections have multiple advantages:

  • Minimally Invasive: No use will be made of scalpels, which eliminates the risk of scaring.
  • Quick and simple: The optimization of the face through hyaluronan injections can be conducted much faster than a surgical nose or chin correction. The same can be said about the after care.
  • Low Risk: Treated by a tenured person, only slight side effects will occur (swelling, redness, small bruises). Since there will be no use of anesthetics, this also bears no risk.
  • Little Pain: Thanks to the anesthetic inside the filler, you will hardly feel a thing during the treatment.
  • Highly compatible: Hyaluronan is essentially not a foreign substance for the human body and will therefore not be rejected in most cases.
  • Instant Effect: The treatment results are noticeable instantly.
  • Low-Cost Alternative to Surgery: Surgical procedures are usually way more cost intensive then hyaluronan injections.


  • Need for Repetition: The results don't last forever. Depending on the injected amount and the metabolism of the patient, the effects will wear off after 6-24 months.
  • No universal Wrinkle Remedy: Deep, distinct wrinkles may not be affected by injections and will make follow up and redevelopment treatments unavoidable. Wrinkles caused by facial reactions (such as crow’s feet around the eyes) may furthermore be treated more effectively with the use of botulinum toxin (Botox®️).
  • Not Suited for Everyone: You should do without hyaluronan injections during a pregnancy or the resulting nursing period as well as during acute allergies or other ailments.

For a rejuvenated Appearance

Would you like to have unevenness or asymmetries in your face smoothed out? We will be happy to advise you in detail about the possibilities of treatment with hyaluronic acid.

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Things to be aware of before and after the injection:

There are multiple things to be aware of before and after the hyaluronan injection, in order to maintain the desired effect and forego possible complications.

Before the Injection

You should not undergo any type of surgery (including dental surgery) at least six weeks before the injections.

Your last vaccination should lay at least four weeks in the past.

If you are looking for a lip correction and are ailed by acute cold sores, you will receive specific medication by your doctor for the intake before and after the treatment. The herpes virus could be activated by the injection needle which in turn would cause a worsening of the illness.

Infections (such as head sores or bladder infections) and dental treatments (bleaching or dental plaque removal) stimulate the immune system, which can in turn cause it to recognize the hyaluronan as a foreign substance and react overly sensitive towards it. During the effort of rejection, infections and small knots can develop under the skin.

The latest intake of antibiotics and cortisol as well as laser treatments in the same area should lay back at least two weeks.

After the Injection

To affect the final result positively, you should take in at least two liters of water daily, this holds especially true for the first two weeks after the treatment. The hyaluronan binds water into the surrounding tissue and can only do so if supplied by ample quantities.

Make up can again be applied the following day. Go without air travel for the next 24h to ensure the hyaluronan filler keeps its shape.

You can generally continue with any physical activity after a two-day rest period. Depending on the type of sport or activity this might vary, so we urge you to consult your doctor just to make sure. Please go without the use of saunas, tanning beds or direct sunlight for an entire week. The warm temperature may cause the filler to lose its shape.

Facial messages, vaccinations or dental treatments should be postponed for two weeks after the injection. We also encourage you to wait at least four weeks before undergoing a permanent make up treatment. Consult your doctor if you are considering laser treatment of the treated region. Depending on the laser, a waiting period should be considered. Surgery may commence six weeks after the filler injection.

Concerning lip correction: During the first four hours after the treatment, no hot fluids or foods should be taken in. There should be no make up or lip care as well as kissing within the first 24h after the injection.

Concerning nose correction: The corrected area should be held free of pressure (such as glasses, sun glasses or diving goggles) for two weeks.