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Cellulite Treatment
Using Ultrasound against Cellulite.

Anti-Cellulite Body Forming
Painless Treatment for tighter Skin.

Which woman does not know the bothersome dents on butt and thighs which increase with the duration of time? Oils, cremes, sports, healthy nutrition - nothing seems to help. Many affected will fell so uncomfortable due to the skin changes known as cellulite, that they won’t consider wearing shorter clothing anymore. But what can be done against the dents on the skin?

We offer cellulite therapy in our practice using highly focused ultrasound. Thanks to the high-tech device Ultraskin II (HIFU) your skin can be heated, stimulated and tightened. This will ensure to get rid of the cellulite without surgery or the use of needles and you will again feel good in your own skin.

Cellulite Treatment

*Costs depend on the selected treatment and its extent. During your consultation, we will, of course, transparently explain you the arising expenses.
Treatment goal: Tighter skin thanks to the high-intensity focused ultrasound.
Treatment duration: Depending on the extent of the treatment, 30-45 minutes.
Anesthesia: An anesthetic is not necessary.
Presentable: You can go back to your daily routine immediately after the treatment.
Possible short-term consequences of the treatment: Slight swelling or reddening may temporarily occur.
Number of sessions: Depending on the extent of the treatment, 3-5 sessions at intervals of 4-6 weeks.
Costs: From CHF 480 up/session*.

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Ultraskin II

The highly focused ultrasound will dock at the cause of the cellulite and treat it precisely. By means of heating it increases blood flow and oxygen saturation of the deeper skin layers. This will eradicate adhesive tissue and cause the fat cells to empty. The warmth will cause collagen cells to contract and elastin and collagen production will be stimulated, which in turn will lead to a tightening of connective tissue and the skin. A high-tech laser will furthermore remove excessive tissue fluid. The result: The dents will become smoother and the skin appearance will improve noticeably. The cellulite treatment using medicinal lasers is not only harmless to the surrounding tissue but also completely painless.

Cellulite Treatment Process

If you are interested in cellulite treatment, just arrange an appointment for a first conversation in our beauty practice in Zurich. During this appointment, Dr. med. Kerbler will give you ample information about the cellulite treatment, examine the area in question and address any further questions. If you decide towards a treatment, a successive picture documentation of the affected area will be created, in order to you to compare the progress of skin appearance during the treatment’s duration.

The first cellulite treatment step will be the application of a gel to the affected area. After this, the devices handle will be moved over the designated area of skin. Heat will be applied directly to deeper layers of skin by ultrasound. You will be able to go forth with your daily routine directly following the sessions. It can take up to four months until the final results of the treatment will be visible.

For A Smoother Skin Appearance

Are you suffering from orange skin (cellulite) on butt and thighs, but do not want to be treated with surgery or injections? By using the high-tech device Ultraskin II we can drastically improve your skin appearance via ultrasound.