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Melasma Treatment
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Melasma Removal
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Many people want a beautiful, even complexion. However, various factors such as age, hormonal changes or UV exposure affect and change our skin over time.

The so-called melasma is the result of such a change. Melasma is a form of hyperpigmentation that is characterized by brown, brown-reddish or brown-gray spots, which can sometimes appear over a large area and make the skin look blotchy and uneven. Usually, the spots are less noticeable in winter than in summer.

Melasma mainly occurs in skin parts that are particularly exposed to sunlight – this includes the face, forearms, hands, neck and décolleté. Affected people often look older than they actually are.

Melasma is medically harmless, but is often perceived as annoying. It may happen that a melasma recedes – for example, if the hormone level changes after a pregnancy. But normally those who are affected suffer their whole life.

Formation of Melasma

Melasma is caused by an overproduction of the pigment melanin, which is stored in the cells. The noticeable spots can develop over a longer period of time or appear within a few days.

There are different types of melasma. The brown, epidermal melasma arises on the top layer of the skin. The dermal type of melasma is quite blue-gray and is found in the deeper layers of the skin. In addition, there can also be a mixed type.

Melasma mainly affects women and especially those who are in the childbearing age. It is caused by hormonal changes, e.g. pregnancy or taking certain medications. But thyroid dysfunction, cosmetics, UV radiation or a genetic predisposition can also provoke melasma. Because of their frequent appearance during pregnancy, the unsightly stains are often colloquially called "pregnancy mask".

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LaseMD for the Treatment of Melasma

To remove melasma, we use the high-tech cosmetic treatment LaseMD in our practice AVORYA in Zurich. This is a CDS (Cosmeceutical Delivery System) program. The thulium laser generates finest microchannels in the skin, which are channeled through highly developed ingredient complexes (cosmeceuticals) into the deeper layers of the skin for a targeted effect.

The laser has the ideal wavelength to tackle the unwanted color pigments and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. To treat melasma, the substance tranexamic acid penetrates the skin. It has a lightening effect and can thus optimally complement the treatment.

The number of needed sessions depends on the individual situation. Three to five sessions at intervals of several weeks are usually sufficient to treat a melasma. The length of a session depends on the size of the area to be treated. A session usually lasts between 15 and 30 minutes.

The LaseMD treatment is gentle to the skin, painless and does not leave any scars. You will be socially fit again at the latest on the next day.

Follow-up Care: Consistent Sun Protection Necessary

Important to know: Melasma can occur again, for example, by the influence of UV light. Consistent skin protection is therefore important after a successful melasma treatment. We will be happy to consult you in detail in our practice.

For a Beautiful Complexion

Do you suffer from melasma and would like to improve your complexion? Then the CDS program LaseMD may be exactly the right treatment for you.

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