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Warts and Age Warts Treatment
Gentle Laser Treatment.

Permanent Wart Removal
Permanent & effective.

Warts are small, benign growths of skin, caused by a viral infect. They can occur throughout the entire body, but are most commonly found on hands, feet and face. Since warts are traced back to viruses, they are highly contagious. A distinction has to be made in the case of age-related warts (seborrhea keratitis), which can occur mainly on the face, on the upper body, the arms and the back of the hands. These mostly small, round or oval shaped wart-like growths are not caused by viruses, which makes them non-contagious.

Warts are usually harmless to health. Although they can cause an aesthetic problem for the affected. Especially if they occur on visible body parts. Moreover, depending on where they are situated, warts can cause permanent pain.

Gentle and fast Wart Removal by Laser

In our dermatological practice AVORYA in Zurich, we can remove persistent warts fast and painless by the use of laser. For this it does not matter on which body part the wart is situated. Often times it only requires one session to get rid of the pesky wart. The laser treatment of plantar warts on the fingers or the soles of your feet is also possible. You would like to get rid of one or even more warts?

Just arrange an appointment with us. You are in the best of hands with our experienced dermatologist Dr. Bettina Kerbler.

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