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Skin Cancer Prevention
Protection of Skin Health.

Skin Cancer Screening
We will help you to protect your Skin.

Skin cancer is the most common kind of cancer globally and the number of reported cases rises steadily. Still, people tend to underestimate the risk of skin cancer and do not check for changes in skin appearance. Skin cancer screenings can be conducted fast and simple and will help to identify early stages of skin cancer or potential risk factors.

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Your beauty and skin health are dear to us! Together we will find an appropriate treatment to ensure your most beautiful appearance. We are looking forward to your visit.

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Skin Cancer Screenings – For permanently healthy Skin

During a skin cancer screening we are able to identify suspicious skin areas or diseases prematurely, even before first symptoms arise. Identified early, skin changes have a high chance of healing using gentle treatment methods.

The most common forms of skin cancer can be divided in white (basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma) and black skin cancer (melanoma). Melanomas can arise through a genetic predisposition and one out of five cases emerge from a birthmark (medically: naevus).

Melanomas belong to the most aggressive types of cancer. This is why you should always see a skin specialist in a timely manner, once you identify a suspicious skin area. Since the treatment possibilities for a melanoma are limited, an early identification and prevention are highly important.

When is Skin Cancer Screening indicated?

To ensure a birthmark bares no risks, a preventive examination should be done annually. The screening includes an exact examination of changes to the skin and noticeable birthmarks. Our dermatological practice in Zurich offers successive picture documentation of all your birthmarks. If we identify a suspicious area, we can extract a tissue sample for closer examination. The examination will be completely painless.

Although, there are situations in which you should book an appointment immediately. If for example you discover a new birthmark, which differs from the previous ones or if you observe rapid changes to an existing one.

Process of Skin Cancer Screening

A skin cancer screening will take a mere 20 to 30 minutes. Once you arrive for your first visit in our dermatological practice AVORYA in Zurich, you will partake in a thorough interview which will include your medical history and hereditary predispositions. We will explain the different types of skin cancer and show you what you need to look out for during self-examination.

After, we will continue with the screening. For this, you will enter our ATBM full body scanner. Using this highly modern device, we can analyze and document your skin and birthmarks throughout the entire body, including the soles of your feet with high resolution pictures. If necessary, suspicious areas will be examined in 20-fold magnification under a dermatoscope.

After this, hard to access areas will also be checked. This might include the areas between your toes, the scalp (underneath the hair), your genitals, between your butt cheeks and oral cavity. As a conclusion you will receive a comprehensive explanation of the examination results. If suspicious areas were discovered during our examination, we will of course consult you about future measures, such as the extraction of tissue samples for further clarification. A suspicious birthmark can of course be removed directly on site.

For your Skin Health

You have discovered a change on one of your birthmarks and want clarification? With our specialist knowledge and technological equipment, we can provide answer and advice for all your questions!

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Birthmark Removal

In order to remove small birthmarks, the use of a local anesthesia will ensure a painless procedure. Once the anesthesia is in effect, the birthmark will be removed within minutes and the resulting wound will be sown shut. You should try to keep the wound dry during the following days. You will receive special shower patches, which should be changed every three to four days. Of course, we will provide helpful tips for proper use.

The removal of the threads will occur with a week if on the face, after 14 days if anywhere else on your body. After, you will receive a scar ointment for the post thread removal scar care at home. Until the threads are removed, you should forgo any physical exertion.