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Scar Treatment
Significant Improvement of Scar Appearance using High-Tech-Lasers.

Scar Treatment
Effective & efficient.

Regardless if acne scars, stretchmarks, or surgery scars – scars can alter our lasting appearance on well visible areas. Furthermore, scar tissue on old wounds, such as burns or acid burns, can impede our mobility. Regardless of your motivation for scar removal, using a medical laser treatment in our practice AVORYA in Zurich, we can improve the scar appearance effectively and permanently.

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Medical High-Tech-Lasers against Scars

While searching for possibilities to improve your scars, you will most likely have tried cremes, oils or lotions – though without lasting results. Since these types of cosmetics will only work on your skins surface and therefore not have the desired impact. Luckily, by using the latest skin lasers, scars can be treated effectively, but most important, permanently.

It is noteworthy that scars can only be removed completely in rare cases. Even while incorporating the latest technology and lasers. Depending on cause and severity, scars can although be improved by up to 50%. This means, that the bothersome scars will no longer be as tight, and will only be half as noticeable.

No scar equals another, so the treatments have to be tailored to the scar in question. Regardless of cause, our experienced dermatologist and laser removal expert has a wide array of practice equipment and multiple medical high-tech-lasers from which to choose in order to put together the best possible treatment solution for you.

In addition, assistance of the LADD-technology (Laser Assisted Drug Delivery) during the laser treatment, we can infiltrate the scar tissue with active agents through micro channels. Depending on the scar type, the use of cortisone 5-FU or botulinum toxin (Botox®) can be implemented to improve the scars appearance.

Scar Removal Process

If you are interested in a scar treatment in our practice, just arrange a consultation appointment with us. During your first visit our dermatologist Dr. Kerbler will conduct a thorough interview, attain your medical history and examine your scar(s). Followed by an individually put together treatment plan and explanation of further treatment measures. In order to keep track of progress during and after the treatment, a successive picture documentation will be created. This will enable you to see the treatments progress on first glance.

You will visit our practice multiple times during the laser treatment. You will receive an anesthetic creme beforehand, which you should apply at home in advance of the treatment which will enable us to begin said treatment directly following your arrival.

Your skin will need four to six weeks to recover, only then can we continue with further sessions. Depending on the scars cause and severity, we will need approximately five to eight sessions, in order to improve the scar appearance.

Gentle & effective

Is your daily life permanently affected by a scar? With laser treatment, we can significantly improve the appearance of scars. Make an appointment with us now.


The Aftercare

It is important to care for your skin after the treatment in order to maintain an ideal result. For this reason, we recommend specific products, like hyaluronic acid creme for example. To avoid hyperpigmentation, you should also shield the affected area from sunlight and consistently use sunscreen with a sunblock factor of 50+.

In addition, the treated scar must be kept protected and clean. You should for instance insure, that the scar is kept safe from soap while showering within the first three days after the treatment. Also, you should do without visits to saunas, swimming pools and tanning beds.

We will of course provide you with tips and information throughout the treatment.