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Treatment of Rashes
Considerately gentle Treatment.

Skin Rash Treatment
We will track the Cause - for a healthier Skin.

If isolated areas of skin suddenly start to itch or develop red spots, blisters, scales, wheals or pustules, then this is a clear indicator for a skin rash (exanthema). A skin rash is a defense reaction to either an internal or external influence. They mostly appear suddenly, can be bound to a single area or occur on the entire body and vary in appearance.

As much as the rash can differ in appearance, so can the cause. Allergies, intolerance, skin diseases, the intake of medication or a viral infect or bacteria can all be catalysts for the skin rash.

Skin rashes can not only be unpleasant or painful, but can even alter external appearances, which will bring additional burdens for the affected. In order to treat the rash permanently, it is most important to identify the cause. If you are suffering from a skin rash, we advise you to be examined for further clarification.

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Skin Rash Treatment Process

If you have noticed a change to your skin appearance for a longer period of time or are suffering from an acute rash, just arrange an appointment with our dermatological practice in Zurich. When you come to our practice, our experienced dermatologist Dr. Bettina Kerbler will have a detailed conversation with you, collect your medical history, and will take you through possible causes such as allergies or medication and will examine the rash. A blood test, allergy test or a swab might also be necessary for further examination. After the examination, Dr. Bettina Kerbler will present the results, explain the following process and the individual treatment possibilities.

Which treatment will be implemented, always depends on the diagnosis. Depending on the rash type, a therapy using cremes, baths, tablets or a medical laser treatment over several sessions can be expedient. As a supportive medical treatment measure, we at AVORYA also offer a light therapy. We will furthermore be happy to elaborate on proper skin care and assist you with any outstanding questions.

We will create successive picture documentation of the affected areas in order to assess the course and success of the treatment. These will serve the purpose of comparing the process during and after the therapy and can be used for comparison of future rashes if needed.

What You should pay Attention to while burdened with a Rash

No matter how bad the rash itches or burns, you should always try to fight the urge of scratching. This can lead to a worsening of the rash or even leave behind unpleasant scars.