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Nail Fungus Treatment
for Hands & Feet.

Effective Laser Nail Fungus Treatment
Gentle & effective Treatment for Finger- and Toenails.

Swimming pools, hotels, saunas, but even your own home - fungal spores can be found almost anywhere. Especially when its warm and moist. Walking barefoot in these places, can quickly lead to a fungus contraction. Once it nestled on your foot (between the toes for example), the chance of a spread arises, which in turn can lead to fugal nail infection. The nail will turn a shade of white and yellow, thicken and get porous. But it’s not only toenails which can be infested, nail infections can also occur on fingernails.

Although, most people are not commonly aware how long lasting and depending on the severity, difficult nail fungus (onychomycosis) treatments can be. The infection cannot be effectively treated without a therapy. In addition, nail fungi have a high rate of recurrence.

Are you also suffering from nail fungus and would like to eliminate it permanently? We can assist you at our dermatological practice AVORYA, making your fungal infection a burden of the past.

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Your beauty and skin health are dear to us! Together we will find an appropriate treatment to ensure your most beautiful appearance. We are looking forward to your visit.

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Nail Fungi Treatment Possibilities

A variety of treatment possibilities exist for nail fungi, which can be combined if deemed necessary. A treatment using nail polish or tablets is possible, but will usually not result the wanted long term relieve. Especially the intake of tablets can result a number of side effects. In our dermatological practice AVORYA in Zurich, we offer a high-tech laser treatment for an innovative and side effect free method to ensure the highest possible chance of permanent nail fungus removal.

High-Tech Laser Nail Fungus Treatment

The innovative high-tech laser treatment offers a therapy possibility for nail fungi with a high chance of recovery and no side effects whatsoever. Should you choose a treatment, a long wave laser will heat your nail plate to over 70 degrees, which will cause the fungus components of the nail to die off. During which, short breaks will be implemented to let the nail cool. The treatment is neither uncomfortable nor painful. You will merely feel a slightly warm sensation. In order to ensure an efficient treatment and long-lasting results, multiple sessions over a long period will be necessary. The chances of success are up to 90 % and therefor way higher then treatments using nail polish or tablets.

The application of a LADD-Therapy can also be implemented to support the fungus treatment. During which a laser will introduce small channels into the diseased nail. This will ensure a more efficient intake of anti-fungi nail polish or other applied products.

To ensure the treatment’s highest possible success, you should also implement supportive measures yourself, which will be explained in detail by our dermatologist Dr. Kerbler. After this, your nail will be able to grow healthy and beautifully again.

Nail Treatment Structure

First, arrange an appointment with our dermatological practice in Zurich. During this, we will examine the infected nail, make a diagnosis, explain different treatment methods and the following procedure to you. If you decide to get nail treatment using our high-tech laser, you will be visiting our practice four times within the first month. A single session will, depending on the sum of infected nails, last for approximately 15 Minutes. The nails will then be treated every two weeks following the first month. The therapy should continue until the effected nail(s) is/are fully regrown. Your healthy nail will grow approximately one millimeter every month. In addition to the treatment in our practice, you will need to perform renovations to your home, which will be explained to you by Dr. Kerbler. This will ensure the regrowth of a healthy and beautiful new nail.

Day to Day Measures with Nail Fungus Infestation

Apart from the treatment by our dermatologist, you should also take measures at home, to support the healing processes. We will of course consult you about this during the treatment.

  • Use Anti-Fungi Nail Polish: Use anti-fungi nail polish at home.  This therapeutic nail polish is available in different colors. Being infected, does not mean you can‘t also have groomed toenails.
  • Properly wash Stocking and Socks: Wash your stockings and socks at a minimum of 70 degrees. You can also use particular anti-fungus-detergent, which will inhibit the spread of the fungus. If you tend to have sweaty feet, you should change your stockings and socks multiple times a day.
  • Do not share Nail Care Utensils: Do not share nail care utensils, such as scissors, files or even nail polish with other family members to make sure the fungus spores are not spread.
  • Use Disinfectant Spay on your Shoes: Use particular anti-fungus sprays on your shoes to stop the spread of fungal spores. These have long life span on objects. Even if you manage to keep the nail fungus under control, you might reinfect yourself from your own shoes.
  • Do not walk barefoot: Do not enter highly frequented places, like wellness-areas, swimming pools or hotels, barefoot. Especially if they are moist and warm.

Gentle & effective

You tried everything you could, but your nail fungus refuses to disappear? In our dermatological practice, we will find the right treatment for you.

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