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Removal of Birthmarks
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Every person has birthmarks. Although, these may vary in count, size and characteristics. With some people you might only find a few unremarkable ones, other have a lot, even noticeable birthmarks all over the body.

Why a birthmark should be removed, can be answered with medical, but also aesthetical reasons. For example, a birthmark removal can become necessary in course of a skin cancer screening, if the birthmark in question shows signs of alteration. Not seldom, people will consider one or multiple birthmarks as unaesthetic, may it be because of the location, form or color and wish to have these removed.

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Your beauty and skin health are dear to us! Together we will find an appropriate treatment to ensure your most beautiful appearance. We are looking forward to your visit.

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Possibilities for Birthmark Removal

There are two options of having a birthmark removed. Either using a surgical procedure, or by means of laser treatment, which will remove it layer by layer. Laser treatment is although only a viable option if your birthmark has a papillary form and is without a doubt benign. Otherwise, it should be removed by using a local anesthetic. Regardless of your reasons for removal, we will find the matching treatment method for you in our dermatological practice. Our dermatologist Dr. Bettina Kerbler will advise and assist you with her specialist knowledge and decades of experience. Just book a consultation appointment – we are looking forward to you.

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If for medical or aesthetic reasons – we can remove your birthmark safely and quickly in our practice. Arrange an appointment with us now, we are happy to assist you.

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