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Treatment of Acne / Acne Scars
For a beautiful Skin Appearance

Effective Acne Treatment
For a smooth and healthy Skin.

Acne is the most common skin disease globally. It is usually found in youths and young adults, but it can also occur in other phases of life. Regardless of the stage of life it appears in, acne does not only interfere with appearance but also makes the skin seem unkempt. The papules, pustules and knots can also result in a major psychic burden.

At our dermatological practice AVORYA in Zurich, we have an extensive menu of dermatological and cosmetical acne treatments. With our expertise and latest technological equipment, we can facilitate a painless treatment and help you regain a more beautiful skin appearance. We use different innovative and modern methods, custom suited to your personal needs. We can beautify your skins appearance of scars within three to four months with the use creams, tablets and medical lasers.

Process of Acne Treatment

At AVORYA, we offer the latest treatments for Acne. If you suffer from acne and would like to do something about it, arrange an appointment with us at our dermatological practice in Zurich. After a thorough interview and skin examination, we will share your results, where our experienced dermatologist Dr. Bettina Kerbler will review a custom-tailored treatment plan while answering all your questions. Affected areas will be documented with pictures, in order to assess the treatment progress. This will help you to see and enjoy the results of your treatments.

The most effective treatment against acne is a combination treatments, which will be individually tailored for you.

Drug Therapy

Acne usually requires a medical treatment, such as creams and tablets. In special cases (e.g. a lot of red pimples) the use of antibiotics can be implemented. This will help reduce the concentration of bacteria on the skin.

Facial Cleansing

Proper facial cleansing is an important part of acne therapy.  However, a daily cleansing with soap and water alone will not be enough. Our experienced cosmetician Sonja Storto will give you advice on the correct products and needs for your skin.

Cosmetical Acne Purification

In many cases an acne purification is advised every two to three weeks. Our federally certified cosmetician Sonja Storto will use professional devices and her specialized knowledge to provide an effective yet gentle treatment. This will ensure no further damage will be done to your skin.

Light Therapy

Light therapy can contribute to slowing down the return of bacteria. A Low-Level-Light therapy or a Power-PDT are most suitable for acne treatment, during which bacteria are eradicated resulting in less pimples after treatment.

Acute redness can also be treated with a combination of light therapy using NdYAG-Laser therapy. Directly after the purification, the red areas will be treated with the NdYAG-Laser. After each light therapy using the Heallite II will follow for 15 Minutes. This will prevent post inflammatory hyper pigmentation, which can occur with acne.

Laser Treatment or Radiofrequency Therapy

If the acne therapy results in permanent redness, scars or even dents, a laser therapy or radiofrequency therapy can significantly improve your skin appearance.


Post inflammatory hyper pigmentation can occur in some skin types, this will result in red, grey or violet spots on the skin. With the treatment using LaseMD, the Thulium-Laser by Lutronic, we can achieve excellent results and help you regain a more beautiful skin appearance.

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Your beauty and skin health are dear to us! Together we will find an appropriate treatment to ensure your most beautiful appearance. We are looking forward to your visit.

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Risks and Side Effects of Acne Treatment

There is a risk for side effects with the use of an acne therapy. We will thoroughly consult you on possible side effects during your initial consultation. For example, if your acne requires the use of tablets, blood levels should be checked regularly. Furthermore, Acne therapy could make your skin cells become more sensitive to sunlight.

Acne Scar Treatment

While Acne is common, it can also create lifelong scars and blemishes causing one to be uncomfortable in their own skin.  But, thanks to latest techniques such as laser treatments and radiofrequency therapy, we can drastically reduce appearance of scars. Which treatment is best for you will depend on the type of scar. Different methods are necessary for reddened or shallow scars, than for deep scars or dents.

Detailed information on scar treatment with AVORYA by means of medicinal high-tech lasers can be found in our article “Scar Removal“.

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