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Anti-Aging Consultation
Holistic & Individual.

Personal Advice on Preventing and Treating Wrinkles
Anti-Aging Treatment Tailored to You.

Do you want to look fresher and younger again and don't know which treatment is right for you? We at AVORYA offer you many modern and innovative anti-aging treatments – from filler injections to treatments with high-tech devices and natural skin tightening using autologous blood (vampire facelift).

Thanks to our wide range of treatments, our state-of-the-art devices and the outstanding expertise of Dr. Kerbler and Mrs. Storto, we can offer you an anti-aging treatment that is optimally tailored to you and your desire.

Combination of Several Treatments

The superficial signs of aging and wishes of each patient are as unique as a fingerprint. Some would like to have their nasolabial folds and forehead wrinkles smoothed, while others want to achieve a more holistic and intensive result. The latter can be achieved, for example, with a combination of laser treatment and hyaluronic acid injections. For an optimal, rejuvenating result, we recommend combining different treatments with each other. To find out which combination is the right one for you, we cordially invite you to a personal anti-aging consultation at our AVORYA beauty practice.

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Your beauty and skin health are dear to us. Together we can find the best possible treatment for your appearance. We are looking forward to your visit.

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Our Experts will Advise You in Detail

You will be personally consulted by our dermatologist Mrs. Dr. Kerbler and the Swiss certified cosmetician Mrs. Storto without any time pressure. Both experts have many years of practical experience and remarkable knowledge, which they share gladly with others as instructors in advanced training courses, workshops, classes, etc. But they also attach great importance to further training, which is why their methods, techniques and equipment are always up-to-date. Mrs. Storto and Mrs. Dr. Kerbler pursue their profession out of conviction and with all devotion, for this, they are rewarded with numerous satisfied patients.

Consultation Process

First of all, we warmly welcome you to our AVORYA beauty practice on Lake Zurich. In a relaxed atmosphere, you can describe us all your wishes, expectations and fears during your consultation appointment. You may ask us as many questions as you want – it is important to us to inform our patients comprehensively so that they feel well and safe.

After that, Dr. Kerbler inspects cautiously your skin. We can make a 3D skin analysis for you, which not only takes pictures of the skin surface, but also of the deeper layers of the skin. Among other things, the device determines your relative skin age and shows you how your skin will look in five to seven years. Thanks to the 3D pictures, we can advise you even better to counteract the aging process of your skin so that your complexion stays fresh and young longer.

When we have all the test results, we will create a treatment plan tailored to your needs and explain the individual treatment steps to you. Of course, the possible risks and side effects will be also explained. In addition, we document with photos the areas of skin to be treated. This gives you the opportunity to compare your final result with the complexion before the treatment.

After the conversation, you can, of course, take enough time to think about it because it is your well-being and your beauty.

Adapted to You
Allow our experts to advise you personally and create a tailor-made anti-aging treatment plan – because a successful treatment begins with good consultation.

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