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Power PDT
Anti-Aging and Tumor Treatment.

Young & healthy Skin
Regain Splendor without Surgery.

You are suffering from actinic keratosis or white skin cancer and would like to resolve it without surgery? You would like to add new splendor to your skin appearance? Then Power PDT (a photodynamic therapy with the laser) might be exactly what you are looking for. Let our experienced dermatologist Dr. med. Bettina Kerbler help you tighten your skin and relieve you of your white skin cancer.

Power PDT

Costs depend on the selected treatment and its extent. In the therapy of white skin cancer, the health insurance bears the costs for the ingredient and a one-time radiation treatment.
Treatment goal: Removal of actinic keratosis (white skin cancer), skin tightening.
Treatment duration: Depending on the extent of the treatment, 90-120 minutes.
Anesthesia: Beforehand, we apply a local anesthetic cream.
Presentable: Downtime is at least 7 days.
Possible short-term consequences of the treatment: Slight swelling, redness or the formation of scabs can temporarily occur.
Number of sessions: We recommend one treatment per year.
Costs: From CHF 2800 up*.

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Your beauty and skin health are dear to us. Together we can find the best possible treatment for your appearance. We are looking forward to your visit.

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Most important Information

Skin Cancer Screening and Anti-Aging combined

During the Power PDT a combination of specific cremes, medicinal CO2 lasers and red light will bring demise to ill cells. Simultaneously stimulating the production of collagen- and elastin fiber. This will provide you with a rejuvenated skin appearance, relieved from actinic keratosis or white skin cancer degenerated cells.

Gentle and Effective

The surrounding tissue will mostly stay free of reaction which is caused by the Power PDT. Since there will be no use of a scalper, the procedure will not result in scars. At the same time, the Power PDT treatment results are equal to conventional white skin cancer treatment methods.

Large-area Treatment possible

Sun-related skin damage is often distributed over larger areas. With Power PDT, we can detect and treat them in their entirety. In addition, we can treat lesions that are not visible to the naked eye comprehensively and sustainably.

Screening Appointment Attendance

Skin cancer counts as one of the most common forms of cancer globally. To ensure your skin to stay healthy permanently and to recognize changes to your skin as soon as possible, we advise you to do a skin cancer screening annually. The aim of this screening appointment is to discover different forms and precursors of skin cancer as soon as possible, in order to react as quickly and effectively as possible. In our practice, our tenured specialist for dermatology and venereology – Dr. med. Bettina Kerbler - will tend to your needs from your first visit all the way to the after care.

Power PDT Therapy Process

If you are interested in Power PDT, just arrange an appointment for a consultation in our dermatological practice in Zurich. During which we will assess your medical history, examine your skin situation and go through different aspects of the treatment. If it turns out that Power PDT is a viable treatment method, we will thoroughly explain the following steps your individual treatment and answer any of your following questions. In addition, we will take pictures of the affected area, in order to document the treatments and compare the progress.

After this, we will ask you to visit out dermatological practice AVORYA in Zurich annually for follow up laser-assisted photodynamic therapy sessions. During which we will use the CO2 laser to create tiny channels in your skin and follow this by applying a special creme. During the application time of one hour, ill and old skin cells will be made sensitive for the red light, which will be irradiated for 13 minutes. During the irradiation, Actinic keratosis and white skin cancer will be destroyed, old skin cells removed and tissue will be tightened.

Effective & gentle

You are suffering from actinic keratosis and would like to add new splendor to your skin appearance? Then the Power PDT might be the exact treatment for you.