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Couperose Treatment
Gentle Therapy against red Cheeks.

Permanent Removal of Couperose
Gentle & permanent.

Couperose is a genetically determined extension of superficial small blood vessels in the skin. Typical symptoms are sensitive skin, which tends to be red and dry, as well as fine red veins on the face, especially around the nose and cheeks. The vessels often only shine temporarily through the skin in the initial stage, but they become permanently in the course of time. Single vessels and also a strong facial redness may occur. Couperose often has a negative impact on the well-being because it cannot be treated or covered with cosmetics. In addition, when the blood vessel walls are progressively damaged, it can lead to inflammatory changes – the so-called rosacea.

Treatment Options for Couperose

Treatment Options for Couperose If you are bothered by the conspicuous veins in your face, we cordially invite you to a consultation in our specialist practice for Aesthetic Dermatology in Zurich. Based on your individual medical history, we will create a tailor-made treatment plan for you. To treat unsightly skin changes, such as couperose, we usually use our Clarity Laser. The blood pigment hemoglobin absorbs the energy from the laser that is converted into heat. This heat closes the affected veins and does no longer supply them with blood. The body breaks down the residues of the vessels and the unloved redness disappears.

Do you also suffer from spontaneous intense flushing? Just make an appointment for a personal consultation with our experienced dermatologist and the owner of the AVORYA practice Dr. med. Bettina Kerbler. We will be pleased to help you.

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